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February 2015

Motivational Stories – Based on True Stories

Life has always been hard. Life will always be hard. That’s life. Giving you lemons and stuff, even if you never asked for them. There will be times when you feel that you want to give up. Motivational quotes aren’t… Continue Reading →

4 Motivational Movies and Videos You Should Watch

You hate words. You don’t like to read. You enjoy watching movies, videos. Not reading. So, you search for motivational movies and videos. But you have no idea which one to watch. So, here we have compiled 4 movies that… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Motivational Quotes for Students

Exam season is just around the corner. I bet that you’re still procrastinating. You lack of motivation. “I need some motivation to study!” you tell yourself, again and again. Then, you click on your web browser and search for motivational… Continue Reading →

4 Study Motivations You Can Apply Today

You grab a book. Study for 5 minutes. Oh, it’s time take a break! You scroll through Facebook, Twitter , or Instagram. Eat some snacks. Watch some funny videos. Shit!! One hour has past… That’s what students experience most of the… Continue Reading →

How to motivate yourself – The Ultimate Guide

You know, it’s not the first time. It’s not the first time you procrastinate. You tend to procrastinate all the time. You feel lazy to do something out of your comfort zone. You think that you need some motivation. But… Continue Reading →

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