You know, it’s not the first time.

It’s not the first time you procrastinate.

You tend to procrastinate all the time.

You feel lazy to do something out of your comfort zone.

You think that you need some motivation.

But how? How to motivate yourself?

These 2 simple steps are important:

1. Set a goal.

What you want to achieve?

You need to have a goal to stay motivated.This objective or goal you set for yourself is really essential because it will become your source of motivation.

2. How can you achieve the goal? 

Ask yourself, HOW? What do you need? What are the ways?

You need to figure out what you need and how to achieve your goal. Abraham Lincoln once said “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”. Think about the:

  • Tools (including places/suitable environment)
  • Ways

It is essential to answer this questions.

Ultimate example:

“You’re fat!” “Fatass”

You want to lose weight.

How? How to motivate yourself to lose weight?

Lose weight is your goal.

Jogging is the way. (Not the only way though)

Sportswear and running shoes are the tool.

A park is the places where you jog.

You know everything. Now, you need a PLAN.

Plan a schedule for workout.

Stick to the plan and don’t break the chain. (Check out this article on which related to the concept of “Don’t break the chain”)

Why are these important?

These two steps are really important. Your goal is your primary source of your motivation. The ways, the plans are how you achieve your goal. With that, you won’t have any reason to procrastinate anymore.

How important are the goals, tools, and ways?

Time for imagination.

Imagine a football/soccer game.

There are no goalposts on the field.

What will happen? Don’t know? Me too either.

Now, imagine if you are Messi Or Ronaldo, playing in that game. (Feels cool, right?)

You are dribbling, crossing your opponents.

Wait, there is no goalpost. How to score?

That’s what happen if you have not set a goal.

Now, the goalposts are there.

But, no ball is provided.

Similar message here. Without appropriate tools, you can’t do anything.

Now, there is a ball, but you’re neither Messi or Ronaldo, you are just a newbie.

Can you score now? Hard, right?

Still don’t understand? More detailed Explanation.

(Skip this if you already understand)

A goal is why you start. The tools are the requirement to start. The way is how you are able to achieve your goals.

Let’s said that you want to be fit. You need a goal. How do you define “fit”?

Having six packs? Or physically fit?

“How fit you want to be?” asked yourself. Being able to complete a 20 km marathon?

Make sure you know what you want to achieve.

If you want to have a nice-looking body. That’s your goal. What do you need? Sportswear, sports shoes, maybe a dumbbell, or even a gym membership. I bet you won’t jog in the park wearing a slipper right?

Now the ways. How can you have a nice-looking body? Maybe, you need to burn some fat, and build muscles. What type of workout routines to follow? You should find out the ways to achieve your goals.

How can you achieve your goals without having the correct tools and ways? Can you cycle without a bicycle? Can swim without learning how to swim? It’s just that simple.

5 simple tips to stay motivated:

1. Write down your goal(s) five times every day.

This step just takes a few minutes. First, you take out a white paper or your diary or a book. Then, grab a pen or pencil. You may also choose a pen with the ink of your favorite color. Now, write your goals down.

Want to score a good result in your exam. Write “I want to score all A in my exam” in a paper for five times, five is more than enough. Just like this:

I want to score all A in my exam.

I want to score all A in my exam

I want to score all A in my exam

I want to score all A in my exam

I want to score all A in my exam

Do it every day. This is how to motivate yourself to study. The purpose of doing this? To remind yourself about your goals. To reflect, to think, what have you done, what efforts have you put in, to achieve the goals. Every single time when you write it down, you’re reflecting yourself: What have you done to achieve your goals?

For Artistic Person:

If your goal is related to arts, or you’re good at creating artwork,  here’s the another way:

Design or draw your “goal” in a creative way. Make it really beautiful, until you will get shocked on how good you’re at designing. Design in a way that you will get motivated every time you see it. In the way that, you will said “OMG, I can’t believe how great I am in designing/drawing, I’m so talented!!”.Make sure you’re proud of your artwork.

After creating the masterpiece, paste/place it around you. Paste it into the place where you can see it frequently.This boosts your confidence and raises your self-esteem, allowing you to stay motivated.

2. Change your Smartphone wallpaper to wallpaper that contains motivational quotes.

This seems to be funny, but it’s quite effective somehow. How many times do you view your smartphone per day?

Imagine every time you turn on your phone and it appears your idol images with the quote “I want you to study right now”. This certainly motivates you. Of course, you will get boring after sometimes and you won’t feel motivated anymore even though you saw the wallpaper.

Change the quotes or the wallpaper regularly, maybe once a week, to prevent boredom.

3. Read some motivational quotes.

If you don’t like the second options, try this.

Feel lack of motivation?

Search some motivational quotes online, take a look. It only takes a couple of minutes to read those quotes.

Isn’t effective enough?

You may memorize those quotes that you really like and repeat it a few times every day.

4. Watch motivational movies or videos once a while.

Not everybody likes to write or read, some prefer to watch and listen. No matter which one are you, watching a motivational video or movie definitely helps you to stay motivated.

There are tons of motivational videos you can find in YouTube. (You can check out these channels: Mateusz MYounes MarxieuMotivationGrid, & etc) 

Your goal is to lose weight? Or, to be successful? Or, to achieve your dreams?

No matter what it is, search for motivational videos in YouTube and watch it. The lengths of most motivational videos are between 4-6 minutes. It’s worth to spend the time to watch these videos.

Watching these videos will keep you motivated as the speakers’ tones in those videos are really powerful. I personally recommend watching motivational videos once a week. To let the voices inspire you.

There are also tons of motivational movies that will inspire you. Watch it whenever you feel miserable or hopeless. The plot, the storyline, the character, are what inspire you. However, it takes around 2 hours to finish a movie. Make it as part of your entertainment. Watch motivational movies once a while. It would be great. But don’t forget to pick the right movie, pick the genre that you are interested. It’s way more effective.

5. Start small.

Tend to procrastinate? Try to start from a simple and easy task. By choosing an easy task, you are more likely to start. It’s harder to resist to do an easy task.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

-Lao Tzu

We start small, to achieve big. We take one small step, to start a journey of thousand miles. You start your workout session with a simple jogging on the treadmill. Jogging is too hard for you? Then, start with a walk. Still procrastinate? Start by going to the gym. And…

You don’t have to be great to start, You have to start to be great.

-Zig Ziglar

The key is to start doing, from the simplest task. By starting small, accumulating the little things. When you look back, you will get shocked on how far you have went through. Just one thing, START DOING.

(The original ideas are from James Clear article How to Stop Procrastinating by Using the “2-Minute Rule”)


Motivations only have short-term effect. So during the early stage, you need to motivate yourself frequently to adhere to your goal. You may need to depend on motivations to start, to take action, and to get out of your comfort zone.

To become successful at something, motivation alone is not enough, make it into a habit. A good habit will change your life. A bad habit will ruin it.

How to form a habit?

Just stick to the plan, EVERYDAY. And one day you don’t need to motivate yourself to stay motivated. Everything will become a habit. Remember, if you want to succeed, don’t rely on motivations, form good habits.


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