You grab a book.

Study for 5 minutes.

Oh, it’s time take a break!

You scroll through Facebook, Twitter , or Instagram.

Eat some snacks. Watch some funny videos.

Shit!! One hour has past…

That’s what students experience most of the time.

We procrastinate. We get distracted easily.

We aren’t discipline enough. We need motivation to study.

You need a goal, a reason to stay motivated.

4 Examples That Might Be Your Study Motivations: 

(Choose at least ONE goal/reason and APPLY it today!)

1. To get good grades.

This is a common yet simplest study motivation for you. Failing doesn’t feel good right?

Let’s start small. First aim for a PASS. Then when you get a pass for that subjects, aim for an A.

Reality is harsh. We expect great grades after we study for weeks or days, but in the end we don’t get the grades we wanted. Life often does not go the way we want it to. However, remember one thing, if you haven’t study hard, maybe you will get even worse grades. To put it simple, efforts don’t always equals to the results, but without any effort, you will, in all probability, get nothing.

2. To get a scholarship.

Achieve good result and apply for scholarships. If your family is not financially strong enough, aiming for a scholarship is really helpful as it certainly reduce the burdens of your parents.

Why aim a scholarship?

  1. Save money. By obtaining a scholarship, you are able to save lots of money. No matter it is a 25% or 50% or a FULL scholarship. It’s still MONEY. Imagine if you invest those money in other places.
  2. Motivation. After getting a scholarship, there are usually terms and conditions to follow. You have to maintain your results to continue receiving the scholarship. These terms will eventually become your next motivation to continue improving!
  3. It’s cool/Feel good factor. Yeah, it is cool if you continue your tertiary education with the scholarship you own yourself. You aren’t dependent on your parents. You are an independent adult and you feel good about yourself. It’s an outstanding achievement and it boosts your self-esteem! I mean, how many students out there earn their own money for their education? Isn’t it cool to be one of few who can do this? In 30 years time, you will have something to look back to with pride.

3. To secure your future career.

No matter what you want to be in the future, having sufficient knowledge and skill to excel in that field is crucial. Whenever you procrastinate, just remember, you are not studying for exams, but for your future.

You have to make sure your result meet the minimum requirement.

You want to be a doctor? Or, You want to be an engineer? Or, You want to be an entrepreneur?

No matter what you want to be in the future, knowledge is always the key to success.

How do you gain knowledge? Read. Read books, e-books, articles. Read more. Oh and practice!

4. To become rich.

This might seem funny… But it’s true. Maybe you might feel lazy to read, unsure of how gaining knowledge will make you rich (You’ll make enough money for a very decent living, but rich?) but let me tell you, Warren Buffett reads every day. He once held up stacks of paper and said he “read 500 pages like this every day, that’s how knowledge builds up, like compound interest.” (I mean, you can’t expect him to invest in the right stock without first knowing everything about the company, do you?), that’s how he answered the question on how to get smarter.

I hope this fact will motivate you to study. Of course, if you study to get rich, it seems meaningless. Steve Jobs once said that “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. One more quotes…

If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.

-Steve Jobs

If you’re not passionate in what you’re doing, you won’t have the momentum to continue. If you reason to study is only to get rich, it’s not the right way. “Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion” another quote from Tony Hsieh, the CEO of What’s the key to success other than knowledge? Passion.

Study for your future. Study what you are passionate of.

But, what if, you are not passionate in any of your school subjects?

In this case, remember, study for your future. Yes, you don’t like maths. Yes, history is most likely unrelated to your future career. But remember one thing, make sure your result meet the entry requirement of the degree programs you are passionate of. Or if you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, learn up on business models and business systems. Success comes from understanding!

Still procrastinate even after having a clear goal?

Follow these few simple steps:

1. Plan a schedule.

The first thing to do? Plan a SCHEDULE. Not only for your study routine. Include entertainment and also sports in your timetable as well. Studying the whole day isn’t fun. It’s tiring. Arrange your time wisely. Make sure you allow yourself to take a short break after a long session of studying. Don’t overwork or burnout yourself.

2. Don’t break the chain.

If you have read my article about how to motivate yourself, you may know these techniques. It’s from an article in, which helps you to stop procrastinating. It’s called ‘Seinful Strategy’ by James Clear. The strategy is from Jerry Seinfeld, the most successful comedian of all time.

What is this strategy about?

It’s about doing something, EVERYDAY. It’s not about how much time you spend doing it. It’s not about the quality or quantity. It’s about doing it everyday. Consistency is king! Keep doing it and the inertia will carry you through.

You can read just 10 pages of book. You can just workout for 10 minutes. But, you MUST do it everyday, without breaking the chain. Don’t focus on the results. It’s about the process. All that matter is not breaking the chain. The chain of doing it everyday. For more details about this strategy, click here for the article. 

3.  Rewards yourself.

In other words, bribe yourself. This refer to extrinsic motivation, where we are driven by external rewards such as monetary benefits.

Rewards yourself according to your hard work. Prepare a to-do list everyday and when you do something on the list, give yourself a treat! After accomplishing a top priority task reward yourself.

Allow yourself to watch an episode of The Walking Dead. Or, reward yourself with a Frappuccino from Starbucks. But, remember, don’t spend too much time in rewarding yourself. It should be something short and sweet.


These are not the only examples. That’s not the only study motivations for you. It’s just a reference for students who are struggling in finding the reasons to study. The examples here is very general and common. You can find your own study motivations! Just think about what drives you and how you can use that to propel you towards your ultimate goal!

There are many different ways to prevent procrastination. You can check out my post on “How to motivate yourself” for some other ways to stay motivated. Feeling lazy to read? One tip for you, make studying/reading a habit. Forming a habit is the best way to prevent procrastination.


If you tend to procrastinate, Check out this TEDx Talk about why we procrastinate by Vik Nithy.

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