Life has always been hard.

Life will always be hard.

That’s life.

Giving you lemons and stuff, even if you never asked for them.

There will be times when you feel that you want to give up.

Motivational quotes aren’t powerful enough to inspire you anymore.

You need a story. A true story.

A real-life story to inspire you.

You need someone’s stories to tell you that if they can make it, so can you.

You need the stories of successful people to inspire you.

And here it is, an article about motivational stories.


This name doesn’t seem familiar right? That’s because it’s not a name.

Who is he?

His name is Matthias Steiner.

The story behind this person:

In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Matthias Steiner won a gold medal in the over 105kg Weightlifting event. He is a retired Austrian-German weightlifter and Olympic Gold Medallist. Is that enough to motivate you? Maybe not, but the story behind this will be more inspiring than any inspirational quotes you have ever seen.

During his 18th Birthday, he was diagnosed with diabetes. Despite the disease, he dreamed to be a professional weightlifter one day and he pursued that dream. In 2007, while he trained for the Olympic event, a tragic accident happened to his wife. He lost his wife, Susann, in a fatal car accident. At that moment, he was struggling, unable to decide whether to continue or stop weightlifting. However, he soon realized that, even if he stopped weightlifting, there won’t be any changes on what had already happened. There is no changing the past. Thus, he chose to keep on weightlifting despite losing the love of his life.

The moment that is really motivating took place during the event itself. Steiner performed well in the first two snatches. During the third snatch, he failed and was then ranked fourth. His coach told him that he had to lift 246 kg in the clean and jerk. Guess what? Did he make it? No. He failed his first attempt in the clean and jerk. Thing doesn’t look good for him right?

Once again, his coach told him to lift 248kg, and if he succeeded, he would get a medal. Steiner told himself to give everything in his next lift when he realized that he would get at least a bronze medal in Olympic Games if he makes it. Yes, this time he made it. This was a miracle, a miracle where a diabetic man, who has lost so much, triumphed.

However, the story is not over yet. In order to win the gold medal, he had only one chance. He needed to lift 258 kg, to outscore his opponent by 1kg (his opponent had a total score of 210+250=460 kg, and he had the total score of 203+248=451 kg). It’ was just 10 kg, but it was a huge difference. And YES, he made it. He successfully lifted 258 kg in the clean and jerk, which made him the champion.

When he got his gold medal, he was not alone. Steiner had the picture of his wife with him while standing on the medallists’ podium. I guess her wife was his source of motivation. He even showed his wife’s picture during the photograph session.

Reading words here aren’t as inspiring as watching the video itself (Click here for the video from Youtube). The video includes the interview with him, it’s in German, but you can turn on the English subtitles. “In your life, you may have two or three, or maybe only one chance, to success, and you have to grab it”. This is one of the motivational quotes that can be found in the interview. Another one that I like is “This is your only chance. The only chance is NOW”. When I first watch the video, my tears dropped without me noticing. This video truly inspired me. This story conveys a message that nothing is impossible and miracles do happen.

The Black Mamba

If you’re a basketball fan, you will know who he is.

5 time NBA champion and probably one of the top 5 greatest basketball player of all time, Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant showed us many things throughout his career(he is still still active during the time of writing), many things which were considered impossible. He showed us an 81 points game. He showed us tons of challenging, game winning shots at the last possible moment. He showed us some impressive contact dunks. He showed us how a single player can outscore an entire team. And, he showed us the most inspirational free throws. But how can two free throws be so motivational, you might ask?

On April 12, 2013, in the 3rd quarter of a game between Lakers and Golden State Warrior, Kobe Bryant hurt himself twice while attempting to score. Did that stop him from playing? No. Even after sustaining the minor injuries, he played on and Kobe was still able to score some very crucial points. Because of Kobe, the Lakers managed to tie the game. Kobe again made an attempt to drive to the basket. Unfortunately, he fell to the court. He tore his Achilles’s tendon in the process and got two free throws attempt.

The score was GSW 109 vs LAL 107 and to tie the score, he had to make the free throws. He walked to the free throw line slowly, bearing the pain of the torn Achilles tendon. He made the first free throw(109 vs 108). He made the second one(109 vs 109). Then, he made his way to the bench, enduring each painful step. Again, words aren’t as powerful as a video, watch the video here. It will definitely inspire you.

If this isn’t inspiring enough, do note that Kobe is also one of the few players that can record multiple triple-doubles in a season at the age of 36 or older. On 30th November 2014, in a game against the Toronto Raptors, he achieved his 20th career triple-double, 31 points, 12 assists and 11 rebounds, at the age of 36. AT THE AGE OF 36, Kobe is still able to get a triple-double. Can you imagine that? Honestly, I can’t even score 10 points in a game and I’m younger than him. But what truly makes him a legend?

According to Jerry West, a LA Lakers and NBA Legend, Kobe arrived for training at 4.30 a.m. everyday. Before anyone was there, Kobe can be seen working on his game alone. Kobe practices harder than anyone else. His work ethic and athleticism are what make him a legend. Here is an article about Kobe work ethic, “Why Kobe Bryant’s Work Ethic Is So Untouchable” written by Joel Brown, originally appeared in Reddit.

What can you learn from them?

1. Have a goal.

What was Steiner goal at first? An Olympic medal. But when he realized he had a chance to be Olympic Gold Medallist, he aims to get the gold medal. How about Kobe Bryant? To be the greatest of all time. But more importantly, Kobe Bryant wants a win. A win over the Golden State Warrior. That is his goal, to win the game and not let his teammates and supporters down.

Steiner got his incredible strength to lift 258 kg of the clean and jerk, to win the gold medal. Kobe made the two inspirational free throws, to win the game. Their goals are the source of their motivation. They are what give them the strength, to do the impossible.

Both of these great athletes have their own goal. They know what they want to achieve. They have a clear vision. A vision, a goal that led them to success. Their goal is what inspired them to achieve the impossible.


2. Practice make perfect.

Why are these professionals called professionals? Is it just because they are talented? No. It’s because they go the extra mile while others would have long given up. If you have read the article about Kobe Bryant’s work ethic, you will understand what I mean. Kobe Bryant starts practicing before 5 a.m. almost daily.

“People don’t know that, but he’s always the 1st in the gym, and the last to leave, even though he is the best player in the game right now.”

-Robert Horry on Kobe Bryant


Even when Kobe Bryant is one of the best players in NBA, he still practices hard. Persistence and consistency are the qualities of a successful person. If you want to be good at something, start practicing it everyday, NOW. Plan a schedule and stick to it. One day you will thank yourself.


3. Never Give Up.

Probably the most common yet powerful sentence you will or have ever heard. Also, a lesson from Steiner And Kobe. After being diagnosed with diabetes, did Steiner give up on his dream? No. After failing the snatch and attempt in clean and jerk, did Steiner give up? No. He tried even harder. He push himself to lift the impossible weight. This spirit, is what made him an Olympic Gold Medalist.

After experiencing injuries, did Kobe stop playing during the 3rd quarter? No. He chose to continue. Continue to score, hitting those 3s and lay-ups. Closing the score gap, point by point. After tearing his Achilles tendon, did he give up? No, he endured the pain, made those free throws, just to tie the game. And you ask, why he is a legend. The spirit of never giving up.


Every story of a successful person is a motivational story. Their life’s experiences are what we can learn from. Their stories are what inspire us. They use actions to prove that nothing is impossible. They never let failures stop them.

These stories motivate you. But it’s not enough. You need to make the change to succeed, to achieve your goals and your dreams. You have already taken the first step, which is reading this article to motivate yourself.

Now, take the next step. Don’t make this quote become a reality:

A year from now, you’ll wish you would have started today.

-Karen Lamb

What you need to do right now, is start today. Even if it is the easiest task.


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