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March 2015

2 Simple Ways to Hit Your Daily Goals

Hitting our daily goals is often a difficult task. It is easy to cross activities off your to-do list. But there is always something stopping you from achieving that. Even I myself face the same situation. Every time I miss… Continue Reading →

Guest Post in Addicted2Success: 6 Great Lessons You Can Learn from Theodore Roosevelt

Source: Addicted2Success Hey everyone, my fellow author, Kevin Choong, recently guest posted his article titled  ‘6 Great Lessons You Can Learn from Theodore Roosevelt’ in one of the world’s top personal development websites known as Addicted2Success (It’s a really great site, do… Continue Reading →

7 Things You Should Do When You Feel Down

There will be times in our life where we feel down. Be it because thing didn’t go our way, we got rejected or we failed in whatever we were doing. We feel overwhelmed. We lose our purpose. We lose our… Continue Reading →

A Motivational Letter For You

Dear Readers, First of all, I would like to say that you are amazing and that your presence on this world has made it a better place. Your presence here has been a blessing to everyone. When you were born,… Continue Reading →

4 Killer Inspirational Speeches For You

They say the pen is mightier than the sword. Indeed, words carry within themselves a special power. And when these words are given life by an amazing orator, they have the power to change the world. Here, I have listed… Continue Reading →

7 Little Known Motivations to Exercise

You want a healthy lifestyle. You want to get fit. Me too. You make a new year’s resolution. You give up in a fortnight. You are here because you lack motivation. I have experienced the same thing before. We always tend… Continue Reading →

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