There will be times in our life where we feel down.

Be it because thing didn’t go our way, we got rejected or we failed in whatever we were doing.

We feel overwhelmed.

We lose our purpose.

We lose our motivation.

Our self esteem takes a beating.

The correct thing to do is to stand back up and carry on. But often, it is not easy to do so. Therefore, compiled below are 7 things you should do to make you feel better:

1) Don’t be hard on yourself

The one thing you should always remember is that failure is normal. Everyone fails. Every successful person has failed countless times. Failing is a way of life. However, in our desire to achieve success, we often forget this and allow this lesson to be buried under the pressure we and others pile upon ourselves. Aspiring for greatness is good, but never let your desire for success crush you. Remember, it’s okay to fail.

2) Reflect on what you have already achieved and what you have learned

When we’re not doing well with our goals, it is normal for us to feel depressed. We might feel we’re completely hopeless and we don’t have what it takes to succeed. During moments like these, we just have to remember that no one is perfect. No one was born an expert in something. They became experts by failing many times and learning from their failures. Know that although you have not succeeded, you have learned something new in the process. You now know what you shouldn’t do and you’ll be that much more likely to succeed the next time!

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that won’t work.”

– Thomas A. Edison

3) Talk with a family member or friend

Sometimes a companion can be the best medicine when you have the blues. When we are feeling sad, the best thing we can usually do is to talk about it with friends and family. Call them or even text them if you can’t meet them in person. Sometimes all you need is someone to talk to, to listen to your problems and cheer you up. So, the next time you feel down, call someone and get your problems off your chest.

4) Do something you enjoy

Do you enjoy reading a book? Working out? Fishing? No matter what you love, whenever you feel down in the dumps, go out and do it. Instead of lying on your bed feeling depressed, go out there and get busy with the activity you love. You’ll forget about your troubles for the time being and who knows? Maybe you’ll have so much fun, you’ll forget about your troubles altogether.

5) Read or watch something that motivates you again

Whenever we don’t get the results we want, it’s normal for us to feel demotivated. The fire that once burned brightly without us get doused down and we need to rekindle it again. So, what better way to motivate yourself then to read something motivational or watch some inspirational speeches.

6) Listen to some music

One of the most effective ways to cheer yourself up again is to listen to some music. Listen to some feel-good music from your favorite bands or artist. Although, in my opinion, some genres might work better than others (Resist the temptation to listen to sad music). For instance, listening to calming music might allow you to temporarily forget your troubles and relax, while listening to upbeat music will cheer you up. You could even crank it up a notch and let yourself move to the beat.

7) Take a shower or bath

Whenever you feel down, take a shower or just chill in the bath tub. You will be surprised by how much of a lift a relaxing shower or bath can give you. Take a dip in your bath tub (you might also want to try adding some Epsom salts into the bath) or just stand under the shower head and let the water wash away your troubles. Close your eyes and just focus on the flow of water. When you leave your bathroom, you’ll most likely find yourself refreshed, energized and feeling that much better about yourself.


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