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May 2015

5 Ways to Handle Disappointment

Life is full of disappointments. We don’t always get what we want and usually, we end up disappointed as a result. Nobody likes this uncomfortable feeling, I certainly don’t. Unsatisfied, sad, feeling down, losing hope – all these are negative… Continue Reading →

Let’s Seize Control of Our Emotions

Most of the time, our emotions are affected by the actions of others. Let’s face it, we care about what other people think of us, we care about how people treat us. When people praise you, you’ll feel good. When… Continue Reading →

The Purpose of Life

It seems very logical and normal to assume that: Everyone has their own dreams. Everyone has something they want to achieve really badly. Everyone knows the destination they want to arrive at in their lives. Well, that’s half true. It’s… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons to Start a To-do List

Remember your New Year resolutions? “I’m going to be more productive this year!” “I want to be more organized this year!” “I will be spending more time with my family!” “I’m going to get fit this in this New Year!”… Continue Reading →

When You Fail (And Here’s What You Can Do)

This week, I failed miserably on my time management. Every day when I go to bed, I’ll have a look at my notepad and I’ll realize that there are still a few ‘to-do’ tasks left on it. Let’s face it:… Continue Reading →

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