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June 2015

20 Inspiring Quotes on Never Giving Up

Life can at times be brutal and harsh. Reality will always try it’s best to crush your dreams. The haters, the toxic people will always be there, trying to destroy your mentality, weaken your resolve and put you down. Things… Continue Reading →

4 Incredible Facts About Yourself That You Might Not Know About

Life is like a roller coaster ride. It might sound cliché, but it’s true. There are ups and downs throughout our lives. And there will be definitely be times when you experience self-doubt. At some point in your life, your… Continue Reading →

Create Your Own Bucket List Today

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we all have a bucket list deep down in our heart, but we don’t have the guts, the courage to start crossing off the items on that list. Maybe you’ve always wanted to travel around… Continue Reading →

3 Reasons to Change: Why You Need to Change

Let’s admit it, we resist change. Changing means that we start to do things in an unfamiliar way. Change means uncertainty. And if there is one thing that fuels inertia towards change, it’s uncertainty! When change occurs, it pushes us… Continue Reading →

How To Be Happy:  6 Simple Things You Can Do On Daily Basis To Be Happy

Happiness is the one thing that everyone craves for. Everyone wants to live their lives happily. There are no doubts about that. But, in the process of searching for happiness, we have actually lost it. We constantly look for it,… Continue Reading →

Infographic: Roadblocks To Being Productive

In the highly competitive environment that we live in today, productivity, especially at work, has become more important than ever before. However, more and more obstacles to productivity are popping up nowadays. Recently, Ghergich & Co teamed up with SurePlayroll… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Read Every Day. (And Here’s How to Start)

“Reading is so boring. I can’t even stand reading for 3 minutes.” “I have been busying with my work the whole day. I don’t have the time and energy for reading.” These scenarios seem familiar right? Most of us don’t… Continue Reading →

P.U.S.H – Persist Until Something Happens

Have you ever given up on something you really wanted (or wanted to achieve)? Let’s be honest, all of us have regrets in our lives. We gave up on something we liked or wanted before. I can’t speak for you,… Continue Reading →

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