Let’s be honest with ourselves, we all have a bucket list deep down in our heart, but we don’t have the guts, the courage to start crossing off the items on that list.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to travel around the world. But, there are lots of things you are concerned of – money, time, your job, the plan, etc. These things held you back. That’s why you gave up in the end.

We all have something we wanted to do for a long time, yet no actions was taken to do it – a dream to chase, learning new things, getting out of our comfort zone. We all have things that we are afraid to do, because of the risks involved in it.

We give up so easily on the things that we want to do. We overthink most of the time. Eventually, more reasons not to do those things spring into our mind, setting up further barriers between us and our dreams.

Or maybe:

You don’t even have a bucket list. That’s why no action was taken. You don’t have a plan of the things you want to achieve before you kick the bucket. Maybe, you haven’t sat down and thought about what you want to do yet. Well, in my humble opinion, you should. Not only should you think of the things you want to achieve, you should write them down. You should create a bucket list!

Why should you make your own bucket list?

Maybe the reason you haven’t created a bucket list is because of time, or rather, the lack of it. You just don’t have enough time to carry out those adventurous tasks you have in mind. You can’t put off your work. You work hard all day, every day, just to be promoted by your company, or, to simply earn more money. In the end, you utilized every second you have to earn more for a living. FOR A LIVING.

But, are you really living, when you spend all your time on work? Have you achieved a work-life balance in these past few years? Or have you just blindly worked for money, without fulfilling your spiritual needs?

Let’s face it, most of us aren’t really living. We aren’t living the life we wanted. We are living someone else’s life. We are told by someone else what we should do in our lives. We give up on our dreams just because someone else told us it’s impossible to achieve.

But, my friend, keep in mind that all of us only live once.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

– Mary Oliver

What do you want to do with your one and only precious life? Fill it up with regrets? Or fill it up with cool and exciting experiences? If you want to live a meaningful life, you must have the courage, the guts to take action. Dreams won’t come true until you take action. And the first simple step you can do is to write it down. Write down all that you want to achieve!

What is a bucket list to me?

Have you played any games before? Well, I’m sure you have. In every game, there are achievements to be unlocked, milestones to be reached or missions to be accomplished. That’s what causes us to be addicted to the game, that’s what keeps us playing the game, it’s the goals that we want to achieve which drives us to play the game.

To me, the things in the bucket list are achievements to be unlocked, milestones to be reached or missions to be completed in my life. Crossing off the tasks in the bucket list is what causes our lives to be full of colour. A bucket list is what makes living fun. It decides if you will live a dull life or a meaningful one. (Of course, this only applies if you take action to cross items off the list.)

How to make a bucket list?

There must be tons of activities you want to do at least once in your life time. It can be anything, even something small – eating sushi in Japan, having a dinner with your significant other in the famous restaurant in your area or to show appreciation to someone. We all have lots of things which we always wanted to do, but we were either too busy or lacked the right resources to take the next step.

In case you have none, you may try to figure out what you want to achieve by beginning with the end in mind.

Ask yourself these few questions:

  1. What will I do if I have only one month left to live?
  2. What are the things I always wanted to do when I was a kid?
  3. What are the things that I wanted to do in the past but gave up on as I grew up?

Be true to yourself. Think about it and take your time to answer these questions. Meanwhile, you should prepare a pen or pencil and a blank piece of paper. Write down everything that comes across your mind, whether it’s a crazy idea or a small, dull one. Jot down everything, even its sound crazy.

After you write down all the things which come across your mind, look through everything and rearrange it.

Here are some examples for you:

  1. Learn to draw.
  2. Travel alone.
  3. Learn a new language.
  4. Learn an instrument.
  5. Bungee jump.
  6. Ride a hot air balloon.

If you still have no idea what your bucket list should look like, you can visit Bucketlist.org. Bucketlist is a site which helps you to create, track and achieve your life goals. With this site, you can also explore millions of bucket list ideas, get inspired by people from all around the world and see how people achieve their goals. It’s a nice site to help you to cross items off from your own bucket list (and also to create your own bucket list).

The Rest Is Up To You

You create the system in which you live your life, be it with achievements to be unlocked or without any purpose or goal to strive for. It’s always up to you. And in the end, it’s what you do that counts. You must TAKE ACTION, to make your dreams come true, to cross off the things on your bucket list. Now, distance yourself from all of the noise and distractions, grab a pen and a piece of paper, and start thinking about what you want to do with the time that still remains in your life!


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