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In a blink of an eye, a brand new year has arrived.

“It’s time to change. It’s time to set New Year’s resolutions.”

Does this thinking come to your mind? Every brand new year, majority of the people are going to sit down and prepare a new list of New Year’s resolutions. Now, perhaps you had prepared a list of New Year’s resolutions to hit in 2016, now take a look at the lists below, is it similar to your list?

1. To be healthier.

2. To achieve financial stability.

3. To maintain healthy relationships with their family and friends.

4. To live happily.

People will always have the thought to live healthier and happier, eat cleaner, and become wealthier. Undeniable, health, happiness, financial status, and relationships are the main aspects in our lives.

Come to think of it, isn’t our previous resolutions can be categorised under these aspects? Aren’t all the positive changes we want to make are the same every year? It’s just that every year, we have different versions of it. Every year, the resolutions are more specific and detailed.

In the end, a brand new year or not, deep inside, we know what we long for. It’s because a new year means something to us. Every New Year, we decided it’s time to stop messing around with our lives. We tell ourselves,

“I need to make positive changes this year!”

We try to steer our lives to the right direction. This occurs every time when a brand New Year approaches, the desire to change for a better life. However, after a few months, you will found that most of the people forget about their resolutions they set in the January. Irony, isn’t it?

What does a New Year actually means to us?

Why a New Year means a lot for us? Why it can influence us to make changes?

To think of it, every day is the same, it doesn’t have a specific meaning until we give a meaning to it. Imagine the day when human still don’t know there’s 365 days in a year, which also means New Year doesn’t exists, in such situation, isn’t that every day is the same?

New Year represents the beginning of the new journey. It is a fresh start to us. The journey of another 365 days filled up with different circumstance. 365 days, isn’t short. And that’s what makes a New Year means so much to us.

In other words, every New Year, we also lost another 365 days in our lives. The huge amount of time we had lost, 365 days, which is also equivalent to 8760 hours, make us realize how important a New Year is.

“Lost time is never found again.”

– Benjamin Franklin

When a New Year approaches, all of sudden, we just realized that how much time we have lost in the past. Furthermore, there is no way to turn back the lost time. Under these circumstances, we gained the desire to make changes. The thought of changing our lifestyles arise. A New Year is like an indicator, telling us that it’s time to be serious about our lives. That’s why New Year’s resolutions exist in the beginning of each year.

Year and Days

We appreciate “Year” so much because:

1. It doesn’t happen frequently. It is Rare, it only happens after every 365/366 days.

2. We get older, which also means life gets shorter.

In the other hand, every new day means nothing meaningful to us because it happens so frequently. 24 hours and a new day have arrived. It’s so common in our lives.

You see human doesn’t appreciate common things around them. But when it is something rare, we treasure it. It’s the same with time. We only realized we wasted so much time when we get older. We only realized we should use our time more wisely in the future when the year is approaching to it’s end.

You won’t feel bad for wasting 1 day in your life since you have 365 of them every year. But, you’ll feel bad about wasting 1 year of your life because you don’t really know how long you can live. It’s the uncertainty that makes you appreciate the every year even more.

From a Different Angle

Now let’s look things from a different perspective:

New Year is like a restart button. We thought it is only available every New Year. That’s not true.

What if we treat every day the same as every New Year? What if we have the desire to change for better lives every day? Isn’t that better?

Every new day, can also be an opportunity to reborn. Every new day, you’re given a new opportunity to live your life right. It doesn’t occur only once a year. Every day is a brand new page in your life.

You don’t have to wait for another year to change yourself. You can always start from today. Start from this moment.


Don’t wait until the next year to live your life right. Don’t wait until tomorrow to get your task done. If you want to change, you can always change it right now. If you really want something to happen, you can always act now.

Remember, you can always change your life right now. Take the first step now.