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Is productivity overrated? Stop worrying about how productive you are.

Image Source: Unsplash For the past few months, I have been focusing so much on tracking how productive I am every single day. Then one day, I felt like I was burnt out. I started to question myself, “Why do I… Continue Reading →

2 Apps to Boost Productivity

Image Source: Unsplash With the rapid advancement of technology nowadays, our smartphones are becoming more general-purposed. It has replaced a lot of technology, such as the camera, mp3 player, handheld game console and etc. Take a look at your smartphone, does… Continue Reading →

Track Your Time to Maximise Your Productivity

Image Source: Unsplash Every single person on the Earth has 24 hours per day, no more, no less. Yet, why do some people seem to get more things done and enjoy their lives more than you when everyone has the… Continue Reading →

Infographic: 7 Myths You Need To Know About Productivity

When it comes to productivity, different people have different ideas about the definition of productivity. Some people might have the thought that being busy means they are productive, but in fact, it’s not. Nowadays, it’s common to have misconception about what… Continue Reading →

Your Environment Shapes Your Productivity

Image Source: Startup Stocks Photos Have you ever wonder why you seem to get more things done when in a certain environment? As a student, I can only be productive when I’m in the library. If I happen to be in… Continue Reading →

Infographic: Improve Your Productivity by Eating The Right Food

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about productivity is creating the right to-do lists, time-blocking or setting priorities straight. However, what we don’t realize is that the foods we eat will also affect our productivity. Recently,… Continue Reading →

Why We Procrastinate: Is it an Excuse?

It’s undeniable that everyone procrastinate every once and awhile. Let’s be honest, nobody is perfect. We know what we should be doing but the majority of the time we avoid doing it. It’s funny and ironic, right? Knowing that the… Continue Reading →

How To Increase Productivity: 4 Ways To Be More Productive

You were busy the whole day, but, at the end of the day, you found out that you barely accomplished anything. Does this ever happen to you? Being busy doesn’t really mean you’re being productive. Unconsciously, we get involve in… Continue Reading →

The Right Way to Create a To-Do List

Supposedly, creating a to-do list is something simple – jot down what you what to do onto a notebook or a piece of paper. Making a list of tasks isn’t hard, everyone can do it. But, are you doing it… Continue Reading →

How to Stop Procrastinating: 2 Ways to Stop Procrastination

Everyone procrastinates. It’s not uncommon to find yourself either scrolling through the Facebook news feed or watching some random cat videos on YouTube. You don’t feel like doing what you should be doing. Actually, you probably just don’t feel like… Continue Reading →

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