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Top 10 Motivational Quotes About Overcoming Failure

Failures are devastating for everyone. Everyone is afraid of it. Everyone tries their best to avoid it. But let’s face it, failures are inevitable. Everyone will end up facing it more than once in their lifetime. But, is failure truly… Continue Reading →

Think You’re Useless? Read This.

In life, there will be times where life is rough. There will be times where everyone else looks down upon you. There will be times when people doubt you. And eventually, you may also end up joining them and begin… Continue Reading →

Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For

Growing up isn’t as easy as we thought. In the process of growing up, we will inevitably lose our direction more than once. Then, we’ll start feeling that life is hopeless. We don’t even know what the purpose of living… Continue Reading →

The Right Way to Create a To-Do List

Supposedly, creating a to-do list is something simple – jot down what you what to do onto a notebook or a piece of paper. Making a list of tasks isn’t hard, everyone can do it. But, are you doing it… Continue Reading →

Stop Relying on Motivation Alone

It’s been a while since I last wrote an article. A lack of motivation is the excuse I gave myself. There will always be certain days in our lives where we will feel demotivated. We might be doing something that… Continue Reading →

12 Motivational Quotes About Hardships

Life, like your heartbeat, has ups and downs. Everyone is going to hit the bottom of their lives once in a while. There will be moments when you lose any glimmer of hope about your future. Apparently, life wasn’t as… Continue Reading →

How to Stop Procrastinating: 2 Ways to Stop Procrastination

Everyone procrastinates. It’s not uncommon to find yourself either scrolling through the Facebook news feed or watching some random cat videos on YouTube. You don’t feel like doing what you should be doing. Actually, you probably just don’t feel like… Continue Reading →

20 Inspiring Quotes on Never Giving Up

Life can at times be brutal and harsh. Reality will always try it’s best to crush your dreams. The haters, the toxic people will always be there, trying to destroy your mentality, weaken your resolve and put you down. Things… Continue Reading →

4 Incredible Facts About Yourself That You Might Not Know About

Life is like a roller coaster ride. It might sound cliché, but it’s true. There are ups and downs throughout our lives. And there will be definitely be times when you experience self-doubt. At some point in your life, your… Continue Reading →

Create Your Own Bucket List Today

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we all have a bucket list deep down in our heart, but we don’t have the guts, the courage to start crossing off the items on that list. Maybe you’ve always wanted to travel around… Continue Reading →

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