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4 Reasons You Can’t Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions (And Here’s How to Deal With It)

Image Source: Gratisography Do you still remember your previous year’s resolutions? How many of them did you achieved? If you had achieved at least one, you are already better off than the majority of the people. Most of the people... Continue Reading →


A Different Perspective About New Year’s Resolutions

Image Source: Gratisography In a blink of an eye, a brand new year has arrived. “It’s time to change. It’s time to set New Year’s resolutions.” Does this thinking come to your mind? Every brand new year, majority of the... Continue Reading →

Infographic: Improve Your Productivity by Eating The Right Food

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about productivity is creating the right to-do lists, time-blocking or setting priorities straight. However, what we don't realize is that the foods we eat will also affect our productivity. Recently,... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Handle the Hard Times

Undeniably, life is a roller-coaster ride. It’s filled with ups and downs. Hard times are inevitable. Despite being part and parcel of life, instead of learning how to embrace it, many of us always try to escape from it. Everyone... Continue Reading →

12 Inspirational Quotes to Inspire You to Chase Your Passion and Dreams

Everybody has their very own dreams and passion. But only a minority of people are actively working towards making their dreams a reality. Only a fraction of people in the world are actually chasing their passion. Chasing your dreams and... Continue Reading →

Why We Procrastinate: Is it an Excuse?

It’s undeniable that everyone procrastinate every once and awhile. Let’s be honest, nobody is perfect. We know what we should be doing but the majority of the time we avoid doing it. It’s funny and ironic, right? Knowing that the... Continue Reading →

Live In The Moment

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We always spend our time either dwelling on the past or looking forward to the future. There is nothing wrong with that. However, how much time have you spent on doing these things? Why don’t... Continue Reading →

When Do You Actually Need Motivation?

“Urgh, I don’t feel any motivation to work-out today” Does this scenario seem familiar to you? Or, have you ever waked up in the morning, and this comes across your mind: “I’m still exhausted; I wish I could take the... Continue Reading →

12 Inspiring Quotes to Inspire You to Just Do It

We all have a dream, a plan, or something that we really wanted to do in our one and only life. However, not many of us successfully broke out of our comfort zone and actually made it happen. You know... Continue Reading →

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